Girl Bosses Unite!

August 25, 2021 | Articles

Female founders are unfortunately still rare in the industry. Let’s change that! Here at Mill + Co., we want to see more women taking up leading executive roles in the advertising industry. That’s why we’re calling all girl bosses to unite. 

If you’re a woman looking to start your own business or seeking support from fellow female entrepreneurs, you should know that there are literally thousands of opportunities available to you. Explore some of our tips below to connect with networks of other amazing women.  

  1. Join networking groups for female founders and entrepreneurs! More often than not, someone will want to help you out. Try looking on Facebook, Slack, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse for these support communities. You can even create your own professional women’s network based on your own personal connections if you’re feeling inspired. 
  1. Participate in open discussion forums online — they can be a great resource for getting industry-specific knowledge and insights. Make sure to reach out to other women in the industry for new business opportunities and top-notch advice.
  1. Do your research. Seek out companies that are dedicated to empowering  and supporting women. Many of them even offer special funding for female-led business ventures. Just make sure you qualify for them and you should be all set to go!   
  1. Apply for women-owned grants and awards. You can find plenty of organizations that are committed to bridging the gap between men and women founders. They even give out cash prizes for the winners, which can help your business really take off. 

Let’s continue to seek out entrepreneurial roles in marketing. Let’s use the skills we have as women that make us strong business people and leaders: communication, understanding, determination. Together we can disrupt the norm and continue to push forward for progress in the marketing space.